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5 Simple Safety Tips for all Operators!

Safety Tips

1) Eliminate unsafe ground condition
•Assess the ground condition (e.g. slope, softness) of the area where MEWP is to be operated and has to travel before reaching work position.
•Poor ground conditions can lead to the MEWP to be unstable and overturn. Eliminate unsafe ground conditions, such by compacting or use suitable base plates.

2) Eliminate equipment failure
• Conduct daily pre-operation inspection and function checks of all controls on the MEWP. Report any faults identified immediately to the Owner/supervisor record them in the logbook and only operate MEWP after rectification.
• Ensure that the MEWP has had its routine servicing within 3 months or 90 days & annual inspection.

3) Assess Work Area for Hazards
• Assess the environment, e.g. struck by oncoming vehicles, such as buses. Execute preventive control measures, such as exclusion zones of the area.
• Ensure workers do not position themselves between overhead hazards, such as the rails of the basket.

4) Dealing with emergency
• Establish an emergency response plan to deal with accidents, near misses,dangerous occurrence or malfunctioning of MEWP.
• Ensure all operators are trained to follow the procedures in the emergency response plan.

5) Training
• Ensure operators are trained and familiar with the safe performance and control of the MEWP.
• Operators must refer to the operator’s manual when he/she encounters a problem with the machine.
• Provide adequate training for the operators and workers working in the vicinity of MEWP so that they understand and adhere to all on-site safety requirements related to the safe operation of MEWP.

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