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Validating a Yellow Card trained Operator

At EWP Training Solutions we are committed to the ultimate training experience for our trainees and their employers.

The EWPA offers two options to their Accredited Trainers when processing “Trained Operator  Applications” at the completion of the Yellow Card course.

From the inception of the Yellow Card and still to this day, hand written applications can be posted to the EWPA. While this system has served us well in the past there can be two issues under this process.

1. The trainee is issued a paper copy of the application which can unfortunately be misplaced

The Accredited Trainer then emails the trainee’s photo to the EWPA. Eventually when the application and the photo arrive the Yellow Card is processed.

2. Applications can be processed electronically. Once the Accredited Trainer processes the applications at the end of the day the trainees receive an Interim Certificate to their emails address direct from the EWPA automatically.

EWP Training Solutions prefer option 2, the electronic processing option.

As a unique service to our valued customers EWPTS will also provide PDF copies of the Trainee Interim Certificate to the employer for their records giving them the ability to forward evidence of training to their clients.

Note: The numbers can be verified by clicking on the link http://yellowcard.ewpa.com.au/yellowcard/verify and entering the operator YC number.